English and Geogrpahy for Global Citizenship Education

Professional learning

Bring a global perspective to Geography and English classroom activities in 2019

Australia and Asia: Global Words in the Primary Classroom online course

Australia and Asia: Global Words in the Primary Classroom

Presented by Rod Yule and moderated by Jennifer Asha

This three-part video presentation by educator, teacher and global citizenship advocate Rod Yule focuses on teaching persuasion texts, multimodal literacy, and reading comprehension strategies in the primary classroom, within the context of a global perspective.

The course runs from 13 May to 24 June and provides learning opportunities in relation to:

  • Strategies for teaching persuasive texts using multimodal literacy and global issues.
  • The examination of three Global Words units of work with a focus on comprehension strategies of prior knowledge, prediction, visualisation, inference and summarisation
  • Exploring ways to help students use persuasive texts as informed and active global citizens

This course links to the Australian Curriculum learning areas for English and Humanities and Social Sciences (Geography) for Years 3 to 6 and relates especially to the cross curriculum priority Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia.

Completing this course is equivalent to 5 hours of accredited professional learning addressing 2.2.2, 2.4.2, 3.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

The course comprises 1.5 hours of filmed content, 1.5 hours of reading and responding and a further 2 hours for the course assignment (writing and implementation). There is the opportunity to interact with the course moderator Jennifer Asha and with colleagues on a dedicated wikispace, to share and develop your own ideas for classroom activities.

Please note that while this presentation was filmed in 2015 and contains references to the new Geography Curriculum at that time it does utilise three excellent classroom units on the Creative Commons licensed Global Words website and you are able to use this website freely, adapting and changing the activities to suit your students’ needs and your school resources.

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Webinar — Integrating the teaching of English and global citizenship education for Years 3–8

A webinar to support and extend understanding of how Global Words can be used in the classroom, presented by Dr Lorraine McDonald.

As an aid to the webinar, download the Global Words catalogue (.pdf 5.5 MB).

Webinar overview

At the centre of both global citizenship education and the study of English is the aim of supporting students to become ethical, thoughtful and informed citizens, predisposed to take action for change. Global Words resources support teachers to implement the Australian Curriculum: English and the Global Perspectives framework. The webinar provides:

  • an overview, unpacking interactive and downloadable aspects, with suggestions of classroom work relevant to teachers across the three education levels
  • further support in understanding the Global Perspectives framework that underpins Global Words
  • guidance in using the Australian Curriculum
  • reflection on the four domains of Sustainability, Refugees and migration, Indigenous peoples and Australia and its engagement with Asia, focussing on relevance to the Australian Curriculum: English (and NSW English K-8 syllabuses), while also addressing aspects of geography and HSIE/SOSE.

Build on your use of Global Words in the classroom by contributing student work samples. For news of further professional learning opportunities, keep in touch with Global Words on Facebook.