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Work sample for Year 4 Science

Using materials from Taking care of Earth together

The Earth is crying


Our Year 4 class is doing the Science Unit from Primary Connections entitled, Material World Stage 2: Natural and Processed Materials. I linked in the Global Words unit, Sustainability — Taking care of Earth together.
We worked in groups focusing on ‘Rot or Remain?’ We carried out experiments using plastics, fabric, paper, apple core (Page 18 Primary Connections). We observed our findings over three weeks. From here we discussed the need to reuse or recycle, especially looking at plastic. We viewed and discussed the site Story of Stuff. In pairs students researched the advantages/disadvantages of plastic. They presented powerpoints and printed their work. Click on the samples for a larger view.

 Sample 1
 Sample 2

We read the poem linked in the Global Words unit, ‘The Earth is Crying‘. The students discussed it and a choral reading was performed by the class. Then they practised in groups and responded to the question, ‘Why are you using this style of expression in the poem?’

The next set of questions our work revolved around were:

  • Brainstorm the problems the writer sees with our world. Can we fix it? How?
  • Read Just A Dream by Chris Van Allsburg (or The Tomorrow Book by Jackie French)
  • Discuss the future if we don’t act now. Discuss comics from Global Words.

Under heading, Tomorrow Is Ours, students worked in groups, using recycled paper and newspaper to make collages of a future world we can look forward to.

‘Using the Global Words site gave me an immediate, easy link to my Science unit. The material was appropriate to the students’ level. I was able to dip into it and take bits I felt I could use or adapt parts to suit the unit. It was a great enhancer to my unit. I didn’t have access to The Tomorrow Book straight away so I just replaced it with a similar book.’

St Andrew’s Malabar, Year 4 | March 2012